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Welcome to the Locomotion Athletics Blog. Because hey, your brain needs to train too! 

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healthy gut health

Ditch the Victim Mentality: Heal Your Gut!

Take Back Your Health Through the Gut Microbiome BY ANNA CHECKET It’s time for us to give up this victim…
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client performing hip stretch

Stretch the Hips for Low Back Pain Relief

By Anna Checket Low back pain is an elusive condition that can have many causes… but most times it has…
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sitting skeletons

How Concerned Should We Be About Prolonged Sitting Habits? Very.

By Anna Checket You may have heard by now that prolonged sitting is bad for your health. From phrases like…
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skeleton showing tspine mobility

Address Poor Posture from Prolonged Sitting: Improve T-Spine Mobility with this Drill

By Anna Checket Your thoracic spine is an area of your back that pays a heavy price from prolonged sitting.…
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