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Welcome to the Locomotion Athletics Blog. Because hey, your brain needs to train too! 

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coach kb sumo deadlift

How to Sumo Kettlebell Deadlift

By Darrick Truong Deadlifting is an important skill for almost everyone, not just powerlifters and bodybuilders. The need to pick…
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fix your squat picture

Dramatically Improve Your Squat With This Drill

By Darrick Truong Do you feel like you're going to fall over when you squat? Or do your hips shoot…
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ghee is better than butter

Use Grass-Fed Ghee for High Temperature Cooking

While healthy, unrefined plant-based oils like olive, avocado and flaxseed oil provide a host of anti-inflammatory and health boosting effects,…
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main holding his back pain

Instantly Relieve Low Back Pain Just by Breathing

By Anna Checket To make a pretty long story short, chronic low back pain can have a ton of causes,…
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