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coach kb sumo deadlift
How to Sumo Kettlebell Deadlift

By Darrick Truong Deadlifting is an important skill for almost everyone, not just powerlifters and bodybuilders. The need to pick things up from the ground safely makes this statement true for most people. Deadlifts can also fulfill the “hinge” foundational movement requirement in your training program. But more importantly, deadlifting can make you feel like… Read more »

fix your squat picture
Dramatically Improve Your Squat With This Drill

By Darrick Truong Do you feel like you’re going to fall over when you squat? Or do your hips shoot up first up from the bottom? Here’s what it might look like. One of the primary causes of these faulty squat patterns is a failure to create or maintain upper back stiffness. Think of your core… Read more »

Time-Restricted Eating

Happy Monday Challengers:) All of your hard work and meal prepping last week was truly impressive! It’s awesome to see you guys so committed to your own health and wellness. This week, if you’re looking to ramp up your commitment even further, read on about an easy, healthy eating practice that can help you ACCELERATE results…. Read more »

#GetInMotion Challenge

Share this link with your friends!Are you looking to innovate yourself? Maybe looking to get inspired? It’s time to #GetInMotion… grab your bestie and come in ready to work! The #GetInMotion 10 week challenge is designed to help you blast through any barriers or plateaus that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Come inspire… Read more »

Why YOU need Dynamic Movement!

In today’s Locomotion101, Coach James talks about dynamic movement, specifically what we consider to be dynamic movement and why everyone needs some form of dynamic movement for optimal health and longevity. Summary… What is dynamic movement? -3-dimensional movement patterns that your body was designed to experience on a daily basis: Involves a COMBINATION of moving… Read more »

Tips to Improve Your Pushup: Locomotion101

In today’s Locomotion101, Darrick talks about some simple tips to improve your pushup. These tips can help prevent/decrease shoulder pain during the pushup, increase core strength and control, and potentially improve overall posture and alignment! Tips to Improve Your Pushup… 1. Maintain a neutral spine throughout the entire movement! – Avoid shooting your head forward… Read more »

DAILY Inspiration: Bootycamp Highlights: May 1 – May 5

Here are last week’s bootycamp highlights. The weather was up and down but the training quality remained high! Training Highlights – Incorporated football drills for athletic development – Footspeed and hand-eye coordination – Improved technique/form on hinge patterns (RDL, Deadlift) – Increased running speed and duration during finisher “suicide runs” – Maintained High energy and… Read more »

3 Tips to Improve Desk Posture!

It’s Monday! This means it’s time to get back to work! It’s also a great time to start taking steps to improve your posture! Here are three easy tips to help you improve your desk posture to help you get out of pain, decrease stiffness, and improve your overall work and life experience. Tip 1:… Read more »

DAILY Inspiration – Side Step!

How often do you train laterally? Preserve your ability to move to the side, move aside, step to the side, and step aside for performance, escape danger, or to avoid DRAMA! This movement seems easy, but can be challenging to those who have lost the coordination and ability to move laterally. Try it out and… Read more »

DAILY Inspiration – Stay Limber!

Stay Limber! Improve and maintain your body’s ability to twist for optimal movement and health. The hips and thoracic spine (mid to upper back) were designed to rotate and extend. Maintaining these qualities will help ensure the other joints (lower back, knees, shoulders) stay healthy and function optimally. Twisting also helps improve digestion, helping you… Read more »