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ghee is better than butter
Use Grass-Fed Ghee for High Temperature Cooking

While healthy, unrefined plant-based oils like olive, avocado and flaxseed oil provide a host of anti-inflammatory and health boosting effects, they may not be the best option for high-temperature cooking, like sauteing and frying. The stability of these polyunsaturated oils when exposed to heat (the temperature at which the oils break down, oxidize, and become… Read more »

main holding his back pain
Instantly Relieve Low Back Pain Just by Breathing

By Anna Checket To make a pretty long story short, chronic low back pain can have a ton of causes, but poor posture and poor breathing habits (many of us have both) are often at the root. Start addressing your postural habits and practice diaphragmatic breathing daily – and it may surprise you just how… Read more »

healthy gut health
Ditch the Victim Mentality: Heal Your Gut!

Take Back Your Health Through the Gut Microbiome BY ANNA CHECKET It’s time for us to give up this victim mentality when it comes to being healthy – to stop claiming with exasperation and resignation that we don’t understand why we can’t lose weight, why we have digestive issues, sleep problems, anxiety, and other health… Read more »

client performing hip stretch
Stretch the Hips for Low Back Pain Relief

By Anna Checket Low back pain is an elusive condition that can have many causes… but most times it has us clutching, well… our low back. However, the source of pain in this region is not always what it seems, and can be caused by dysfunctions in areas of the body we wouldn’t expect. Namely,… Read more »

sitting skeletons
How Concerned Should We Be About Prolonged Sitting Habits? Very.

By Anna Checket You may have heard by now that prolonged sitting is bad for your health. From phrases like “sitting is the new smoking” to headlines that read “Sitting Can Kill You” – the dangers of sitting are certainly getting some attention. In most people’s real-world, however, it’s impossible to get work done away… Read more »

skeleton showing tspine mobility
Address Poor Posture from Prolonged Sitting: Improve T-Spine Mobility with this Drill

By Anna Checket Your thoracic spine is an area of your back that pays a heavy price from prolonged sitting. This is the region that gets rounded over when someone tells you to “sit up straight”, or your mid-back. Most of us suffer from a lack of mobility in the t-spine, meaning we have lost… Read more »

client performing functional training movement

By Anna Checket What is Functional Training? Functional Training is a training style that aims to help people improve activities of daily life. It is also used to describe training that improves athletic performance at a sport or another function of interest. In addition to the common fitness goals of weight-loss, muscle-gain, or cardiovascular health,… Read more »